And now…

How do I explain the jumble of topics to be discussed?

Those who know me well know that the list of things that I am passionate about is huge. I love the opportunity to generate this new channel to share and talk about life in general and its nuances, about art … I also will share the poetry I write, comments about design and we’ll talk about jewelry in general.

Surely you will find a post to your liking, and maybe one day you will want to be a guest and collaborate …

I hope I can also share information with which we can learn together, interviews and information on interesting events.

So in short: carte blanche.


Why the silver spark?

Twinkling light always inspires, illuminates and shares. It refers to movement, action and fluidity.
Stars also emit light and they remind me of reaching higher.

It is a small tribute to silver, a noble material that allows me to solidify my ideas. It is also a reference to Centella Bazar, a project that I am very fond of and the basis of much of my personal learnings.


I hope this blog can be a space made for tons of sharing and light.

Thank you so much for reading me!


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